Interns Report

Past Interns Report

S.No  Name  Report
 1 Afreen Naz, IIM Lucknow( April – June 2013) Analysis of Karnataka’s Competitiveness as an Investment Destination for FMCG sector
 2 Annamalai A K, IIM Lucknow (June 2009) Effectiveness of subsidies to Industries: A Karnataka Perspective (2005-09)
 3 Batool Zahoor Qazi, NLSIU Bangalore (January – March 2011) Right to Education: From the Child Rights Perspective
 4 Harshit Gupta, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2013) Employment Generating Factors in Sericulture in Karnataka and Marketing Research on Promotional Strategies of KSIC
 5 Kalyan Ram R, IIM Lucknow (June 2009) A Study on Risk Assessment Framework for Government Guarantees 1999-2008: Government of Karnataka, India
 6 Khumtiya Debbarma, NLSIU, Bangalore (January – March 2011) Challenges in implementation of Right to free and compulsory Education Act, 2009
 7 Laxmikant Jhawar, Christ University, Bangalore (June 2010) A Study on Restructuring of State Level Public Sector Sick Companies in Karnataka
 8 Navin Prabhat, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2013) A Study on comparative analysis of Government entity and private firms
 9 Pranav D S, Bangalore Institute of Technology (July – September 2010) A study to establish an efficient and user-friendly library at FPI as an exclusive knowledge centre
 10 Samar Sinh, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2010) Training needs assessment in selected departments of Government of Karnataka with focus on management of finances
 11 Santosh Kamble, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2011) Public Procurement in Karnataka – An analysis
 12 Sharmendra Chaudhry, NLSIU Bangalore (February – March 2011) Land acquisition in Karnataka with a focus on compensation in acquisition of land for the companies and urban layouts
 13 Shiva Raman S, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2010) Migration to GST: Preparedness and level of knowledge, understanding, application and skills of human resources in the Government and the Industry
 14 Suvalaxmi Dash Gender Justice through Gender Budgeting
 15 Varun Chhabra, IIM Lucknow (April – June 2011) Optimization model for food grain distribution and movement planning in Karnataka
 16 Mantasha Husain, NLSIU Bengaluru (June – August 2016) Budgetary Allocation and Implementation of Udyogini
 17 Namrata Kumar, NLSIU Bengaluru (June – August 2016) Implementation of Legistlation into Grassroot Levels