Fiscal Policy Analysis Cell (FPAC)

FPAC is one of the key institutional structures for promoting informed decision-making within the state government. Its primary mandate is to evaluate, on a continuous basis, immediate and long term impact of fiscal policy, procedural and regulatory decisions on the mobilization, allocation and utilization of public resources during the project period. The cell acts as the analytical brain providing inputs and analytical support for the ongoing reform program. FPAC is a focal point for implementing the USAID-assisted state fiscal reform program.


The five volumes of the USAID/INDIA Reform Project:


Volume I       REFORM Project: Overview
Volume II The Expenditure Planning and Management Practitioners' Guide - An Introduction to Program and Performance Budgeting at the Indian State (Sub-national) Level  
Volume III                    The Revenue Management Practitioners' Guide
Volume IV The Debt and Investment Management Practitioners' Guide
Volume V The Project Appraisal Practitioners' Guide