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Chidambaram inherited a huge mess, said Ajay Chibber of UNDP!!
Pt Nehru vs. Amazon, , Starbuck: What is your ? Asks PAC of UK!
Quality of India Audit - Peer Review : commendable initiative by CAG...but.
Direct cash transfers = a virtuous cycle for to be productive at .
FDI in retail or : How efficient is the collection in construction material ?
Supreme Cout orders on resources auctioning. 
Retail LPG market size 25 crore+ households: But 17 yet to be serviced! ??
GST for an India-wide market while FDI in is for fragmented markets!
PM's 8 professional words & CAG's 8th bullet on own performance in 2009-10.
FRBM Act: Amendments for MTEF - Implications in line Ministries.
Why Economists are not _? 20th Century US Treasury & India's MoF in 21st Century.
RTE-25% seats in schools: processing innovations for Noon-meal Coupon system.
Quality of HR development? only bureacracy diverts a of their time from profile activities.
Barriers to new learning Harvard & MIT Vs. penetration in India-NSSO survey.
With increasing IT, the of middle managers diminish:EIU says, rightly so.
Pricing of Sun, Sand, , Oil & Wind - reference to SC:CAG's Coal .
Visit to Government Gold , Hutti and what it to be in gold in India?
Some potential Policy pointers Toll collection practices NH 7, NH 4 and NICE .
Who cares to Read...even 7th March, 2012?
Mega Investment via a of Mandamus- a Shift Narmada Dam! and the 2014-15.
Why...people just don't like told by bosses as to do ?