About FPI Logo

FPI Logo

FPI is a specialised knowledge centre and works to increase understanding of fiscal issues and enhance the effectiveness of public service delivery. The Institute has been established with an ambitious vision that it is able to provide unique and substantive contribution in both, policy and operational areas of fiscal management of the state including local bodies and other state entities. Within the Institute, the aim is to have human resources with matching knowledge, expertise, experience and operational skills and corresponding systems to disseminate the same.

The logo of the Institute, a simple and artistic design capturing unique Indian ethos, has been designed keeping in mind the mission of the Institute. At the same time, the logo also reminds the Institute and its personnel to channel their energies towards all efforts of fiscal responsibility.

To briefly explain the different elements of the logo:

  • The logo design is in tune with the symbolic representations of Terra Cotta seals used during Indus Valley Civilization.
  • Copper and golden yellow colour in the logo represents coinage of ancient India.
  • The 17 ‘f’s represents the 17 fiscal management principles laid down in Section 4(1) of Karnataka Fiscal Responsibility Act, 2002
  • The concept of the logo seeks to reflect continuous movement yet a core of stability within itself.