About FPI

The Government established the Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI) in 2007. The setting up of FPI signifies the commitment of the State to institutionalize the process of implementing the Karnataka Fiscal Responsibility Act-2002 (KFRA) in letter and spirit. The activities and services of FPI are expected to help imbibe the spirit of the Seventeen Principles of fiscal management under the provisions of Sec 4 of the Karnataka Fiscal Responsibility Act-2002. This is done through a four-fold approach –

  1. Customized training and continuous handholding for those trained.
  2. Consulting and conducting research in conventional areas and also emerging and challenging areas like Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Goods and Services Tax (GST), environmental economics, health economics etc.
  3. Data-base management including helping departments in creating and managing data bank, and
  4. Advocacy and outreach relating to fiscal management principles and responsibility.


Brochure of FPI