M.R Narayana Research Output

Research Output (2019, 2018 & 2017)

Distinguished membership

Board of Governors, Institute for Social and Economic Change (Bengaluru, India)

Editorial Board, Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies (John Wiley, Australia)

Published articles

1.Narayana, M.R. (2019). "Old age pension scheme in India: Distributional impacts". South Asia Research. Forthcoming

2.Narayana, M.R. (2019). “Scholarship Schemes for Student Financing”. In N.V. Varghese and Jinusha Panigrahi (Eds.) India Higher Education Report 2018: Financing, Sage (New Delhi). Forthcoming

3.Narayana, M.R. (2019). “Organizing old age pensions for India’s unorganized workers: A case study of a sector-driven approach”. The Journal of the Economics of Ageing. Forthcoming (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jeoa.2018.04.001)

4.Narayana, M.R. (2018). “Accounting for growth effects of age structure transition through public education expenditure: New macroeconomic evidence from India”. South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance, 7 (2), 2018: 174-211

5.Narayana, M.R. (2018). “Organizing Old Age Pensions for India’s Informal Workers: A Case Study of a Sector Driven Approach”. Asia Health Policy Program Working Paper No.47, Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA (USA)

6.Narayana, M.R. (2017). “Universal Old Age Pension for India: Public expenditure requirements and fiscal sustainability". Indian Growth and Development Review, 10 (2), 2017: 89-116

7.Narayana, M.R. (2017). “Unearthing black money in cash by demonetization: An estimate of economic benefits and costs”. Aarthica Charche-FPI Journal of Economics and Governance. 2(2), 2017: 25-38

8.Narayana, M.R. (2017). "Welcome to the Asia Pacific Journal of Regional Science", Asia Pacific Journal of Regional Science. 1, 2017: 29-30

9.Narayana, M.R. (2017). “Analysing the Economic Effects of Age Structure Transition: Towards a New Methodology”, in N. Jayaram (Ed.). Knowing the Social World: Challenges and Responses, Orient Blackswan (Hyderabad, India), 2017: 39-63

Conference presentations

1.Narayana, M.R. (2019). “Improving economic security for older persons by public pension schemes: Evidence from National Transfer Accounts for India". International Conference on Ageing in Asia, Organized by Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC); Program on the Global Demography of Aging at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; and International Institute for Population Sciences (Mumbai): 14-15 March 2019: ISEC (Bengaluru)

2.Narayana, M.R. (2018). “Fiscal Policy, Demographic Transition and Public Spending on Higher Education: New Macroeconomic Evidence for India”. National Seminar on Shifting Paradigms in Education Financing: Concerns on Quality, Equity and Employability: 13-14 December, 2018: National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (New Delhi)

3.Narayana, M.R. (2018). “Inter-generational equity, poverty and inequality for elderly: Evidence from India”, International Conference on Opportunities and Challenges of the Demographic Transition for Meeting the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, 12th Global Meeting of the National Transfer Accounts Network: July 23-27, 2018: Mexico City (Mexico).

4.Narayana, M.R. (2017). “What NTA reveals about Disparities Among Populations”. International Conference on Effective Use of Data for Policy Making on Ageing. Organized by East-West Centre (USA), Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development and HelpAge International. 5-6 December 2017: Chiang Mai (Thailand)

5.Narayana, M.R. (2017). "Can a sector-specific design and financing of old age pension be viable and sustainable? Evidence and implications for unorganized workers in India", International Conference on Financing Longevity: The Economics of Pensions, Health, Long-term Care and Disability Insurance: 24-25 April 2017: Stanford University: Stanford, CA (USA)

Invited lectures

1.Narayana, M.R. (2019). “Economic Growth: How and why to Teach”, Induction Training Programme for College Teachers from Kerala under FLAIR, 16th February 2019: Institute for Social and Economic Change (Bengaluru).

2.Narayana, M.R. (2019). “Does Research Matter for Teaching in Social Sciences”, Induction Training Programme for College Teachers from Kerala under FLAIR, 12th February 2019: Institute for Social and Economic Change (Bengaluru).

3.Narayana, M.R. (2018). “Will India face a demographic disaster?”, Short term Course in Disaster Management, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre: 28th November 2018: Bangalore University (Bangalore)

4.Narayana, M.R. (2018). “Globalization and VUCA”, Presentation for Panel Discussion on Managing the VUCA World, Regional CMA Convention 2018 on Business Growth Through Proactive Thinking and Strategic Leadership, The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (Bangalore Chapter): 23 November 2018: JN Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore)

5.Narayana, M.R. (2018). “Financing of Social Security Systems”. International Training Programme on Management of Social Security Systems: 23 October 2018: PDU National Academy of Social Security, Employees Provident Fund Office, Union Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India (New Delhi)

6.Narayana, M.R. (2018). “Economic growth and development: Concepts, Definitions and Measurements”, Induction Programme for Assistant Professors of Economics”: 29th September 2018: Higher Education Academy, Government of Karnataka (Dharwad)

7.Narayana, M.R. (2018). “Measurement of economic growth in India: Current debates and policy implications”. 18 August 2018: 18th Refresher Course in Economics, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, University of Mysore (Mysuru)

8.Narayana, M.R. (2018). “Age Structure Transition, Demographic Dividend, and Economic Growth in India”, Professor GT Huchappa Memorial Endowment Lecture. 8th February 2018: Department of Economics, University of Mysore (Mysuru)

9.Narayana, M.R. (2017). “Unemployment Insurance in India: Role of Public and Private Sectors”, National Conference on Unemployment Insurance in India: 4th September 2017: Social Security Association of India (Bengaluru)